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Arndorfer Law  Proudly Serving Montana For Over 40 Years

Arndorfer Law Proudly Serving Montana For Over 40 Years

Brad Arndorfer was born and raised in North Dakota on a farm and ranch. After passing the Montana State Bar Exam, Mr. Arndorfer took a position with the Yellowstone County Attorney’s office prosecuting felony and misdemeanor charges. He then moved into private practice within one year, then went on to work for a small firm for several years. He has been in private practice as a sole practitioner since 1986.

Since that time, Brad Arndorfer has tried cases in many areas of the law, including criminal defense, personal injury, business litigation, and others to juries throughout Montana.

Arndorfer Law Firm

Is a law practice representing victims of personal injury and wrongful death/fatal accidents in the Billings, Montana area. If you were injured anywhere in Montana, including Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell, and Great Falls, Brad Arndorfer can bring over his 40 years of legal experience to your claim.

Brad Arndorfer is recognized for his client services and a long history of obtaining large settlements and jury awards for his clients.

Arndorfer Law Firm, PC

Legal Assistance

To make our services available to everyone, Arndorfer Law Firm handles litigation exclusively on a contingency fee basis. This means we are paid if and when we recover money for you. Through this arrangement, you can obtain legal assistance even if you are unable to pay the attorney’s fees. Our law firm also advances expenses to pay for expert witnesses.


Personal Injury

If you are drawn to this site, you are probably in the throes of one of the most important decisions you may make.


Criminal Defense

We believe the playing field is not even. The prosecution has the power of the court to investigate, but the defense does not.


DUI Defense

An allegation of Driving Under the Influence is a severe charge. The legislature has continuously updated and changed the laws on DUI.